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Ken & Sandi Burgess
the Team
Ken and Sandi Burgess have been involved with Network Marketing for near 40 years, and have made millions of dollars working right from home.

Their lives have been blessed with consistently making six-figure monthly incomes with companies, but more importantly, they have been able to help others see the same success.

Ken and Sandi have a passion for the Network Marketing business, and have lived the "American Dream" while raising six great kids, and now enjoy twenty incredible grandchildren.

Network Marketing

Ken and Sandi’s network marketing story began when Sandi was an 18 year old college student. She met a woman who was living what appeared to be the American Dream – living life on her terms, raising a family, working from home, and traveling at leisure in her own airplane. Sandi watched her success up close, and knew that what this woman was doing was just what she wanted to do someday.

A few years later, Sandi was married and expecting her first child. She quit her job and broke the news to her husband Ken, (who was still a student at BYU while working in retail) that she was going to team-up with a friend from college and help with a direct sales cosmetic company. Ken was cautious at first, but soon saw Sandi finding success and joy working from home part-time.

After seven years in direct sales, making around $4,000 a month (back in the 70’s!) she met another individual who opened her eyes to network marketing by showing her a monthly bonus check of over $40,000.00! From that moment forward, Ken and Sandi knew that network marketing was a serious business, and they’ve never looked back.

Cumulatively over the last thirty-five years, Ken and Sandi have made more than 18 million dollars. They have travelled the world, lived in gorgeous homes, owned luxury vehicles, and most importantly have been free to be actively involved in their community and the lives of their six children and twenty grandchildren.

Ken has been President and Vice President of numerous Network Marketing companies to include: Sunrider, Our Secret Creations, Cernitin America, and Oxyfresh.

His corporate background and education, with a degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University, has helped him with building and organizing downline teams of independent distributors worldwide. Ken understands compensation plans, what works and what doesn't work, and has been instrumental in creating distributor-friendly plans that are fair and balanced for all involved.

Sandi has been Vice President Sales and Training for Our Secret Creations, Excelcis Cosmetics, and Lume', as well as the National Skin Care Director for Cernitin America. Sandi has been the top recruiter, business building expert and trainer, and top earner with five companies, earning six-figures a month!

Sandi has written training manuals, training curriculums, leadership programs, field communications, and business strategies for numerous Network Marketing companies, along with being the National Training Director and key note speaker for all of the company leadership conventions, trainings and company-sponsored events held both here in the United States and in Canada.

Her training programs are still being used today worldwide by many successful network marketing companies. Sandi's newest series is a MLM101 Mentoring™ Webinar course that teaches the basics to building a successful network marketing company from A to Z. Her MLM101 Mentoring™ Webinars come from 40 years of consistent success with building teams and developing key leaders.

"if you complicate, you can not duplicate in this industry. Everything you do, say and teach must key this central focus in mind. People must say as they watch your presentation, 'I can do that!' If they feel they can't, you have lost the battle, so to speak, and you will not grow your business."

Supporting the Team
The Burgess' have personally mentored thousands from coast to coast for over the years, and have spent the past 18 years perfecting, streamlining, and systematizing Network Marketing business building strategies, making their systems easy and simple to follow, teach and duplicate.

Their cutting-edge, and proven 4-Step System, which is a part of a fun baseball diamond strategy, includes, a continually updated team support website (, a weekly Burgess Biz Blog, a recorded Hotline (951) 262-3873, a Monday MLM101 Mentoring 15-session webinar, a Tuesday Testimonials call, a Thursday business opportunity Webinar, and a monthly Saturday Strategies training call. With these scheduled, consistent events, they always involved their leaders.

Their communication systems include weekly email Burgess Biz updates, text messaging reminders, Twitter (tweets) and Facebook postings and Facebook supporting groups. In addition, the Burgesses hold a weekly Monday morning Leadership update call, interactive with their key field leadership.

Freedom Factors
Network Marketing has always afforded both Ken and Sandi all of the freedoms associated with this kind of business, i.e. working from home, freedom of time, financial freedom, flexibility, and freedom to do the things they truly love doing, to include being an active part of their children and grandchildren lives, community involvements, musical projects, and church responsibilities.

Working for someone else has never appealed to the Burgesses once they were introduced to network marketing. They feel that when the core network marketing freedoms are truly understood, with the right company, product and upline team, the sky is the limit to earnings and ongoing benefits.

We are family-first people, and being a big part of their lives as they grew up is why we have always worked from home and been full-time involved with Network Marketing.

We made the choice to do this business right after we were married. It was the smartest decision we have ever made. Working from home has blessed us with optimum time freedom, as well as financial freedom.

Besides Network Marketing, both Ken and Sandi are involved with their church, community, children, grandchildren and projects to include music. CLICK HERE to read about Sandi's vocal studio and listen to her and her students sing.

Ken & Sandi Burgess | (951) 262-3873